Video Tutorial: Playing Customs


Looking to play custom songs in your favourite rhythm game? We have prepared a video tutorial to help you get started with customs, walking you through the process of preparing your removable storage drives and copying customs to them so that you can start taking advantage of RB3’s ever-growing custom library.

Looking to download Title Update 4? Visit this site.


2 comments on “Video Tutorial: Playing Customs

  1. Thanks a lot!

    It works fine for playing with all the custom songs, but when I play with title update #4, I can’t play LEGO Rockband songs, Rockband 2 songs, Rockband Green Day songs, AD/DC songs… In fact, I can only play Custom songs, Rockband 3 songs, Rockband songs and a few downloaded songs.

    The songs just don’t load and when they do, I have the “Unable to load song. Skipping…” error. By the way, I always use the same xbox live account.

    (If someone knows about the problem, please comment :D)

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