04/09/13 – Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power multitrack 4-pack

This Pantera 4-pack makes history: this is the first multitrack customs pack that’s ever been released. Not only that, all songs have 2x bass pedal version for the hardcore dummers out there. Here’s what’s inside… Fucking Hostile is one of those songs that could never feature in the original Rock Band catalogue for obvious reasons, it’s quintessentially Pantera. Poweful drums and bass, furious guitar and satisfying vocals. A New Level is a perfect example of groove metal, this track will challenge you on all instruments.
If flat growling vocals are not for you, Hollow will provide some measure of melodic singing, along with not-so-impossible guitar, drums and bass. Audio mixing endures no fade out. And finally, Pantera sure have a strange idea of a love song… This Love  has pro bass and pro guitar courtesy of the masterful PikminGuts92, who did justice to the tormented final guitar solo.

Download regular or 2x bass pedal versions from the Vulgar Display of Power folder


7 comments on “04/09/13 – Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power multitrack 4-pack

  1. So are you guys just releasing Pantera today or are you also doing the rest?

    Also, Fucking Hostile has a guitar charting error on the chorus. It goes:

    (I really hope you guys understand what I am taking about here, I couldn’t think of a better way to type a chart out)

    The problem is, the BO/YB notes are clearly matching sections (and so are the YBO/RYB notes, and thus the chorus should be something like:


    Also, I think the chords in the verse riff are the wrong way round…

    I hope this isn’t annoying that i’m pointing out an error after the song has been put out, but I am unfortunately OCD about these things…

        • I’ll probably update this post. Remember: any updated song will retain the original link, so you can just redownload form the same link once the update is live.

  2. DeathThreat: This was actually something that was supposed to be in the carousel at the top (and only rolling out later), along with eventual posts for the other tracks, so… glitch in the system (one of many today).

    Edit: There we go. 😉

    • I see, so this actually wasn’t meant to posted yet. That’s fine. Btw, the version of Fucking Hostile I’m playing is one I snagged when the database was up temporarily earlier (I also snagged the other Pantera songs and DO Ya by ELO. Fantastic charting on those other ones, by the way. Can’t wait to play all the other songs!

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