May 17, 2013 – Pantera 4-pack, ELO, Ho-kago Tea Time, and ABBA!

Note: Videos may contain authoring issues that have been fixed, and are for preview purposes only.

Another eccentric week! We’re here to make the Jimmy Buffett/Disturbed week look like the most homogeneous release ever. This week’s songs are:

New! Pantera Cowboys from Hell 4-pack (farottone)

  • Pantera – “Cemetery Gates”
  • Pantera – “Cowboys from Hell”
  • Pantera – “Cowboys from Hell (2x Bass Pedal)”
  • Pantera – “Primal Concrete Sledge”
  • Pantera – “Primal Concrete Sledge (2x Bass Pedal)”
  • Pantera – “Psycho Holiday”
  • Pantera – “Psycho Holiday (2x Bass Pedal)”

New! Singles

  • ABBA – “Money, Money, Money” (RyanHYK)
  • Electric Light Orchestra – “Don’t Bring Me Down” (Nyxyxylyth)
  • Ho-kago Tea Time – “Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai” (LyokoFreaks)

Heavy metal rockers Pantera come shredding back into C3 this week with another pack by our unstoppable authoring machine farottone. All four tracks this week come from 1990’s Cowboys from Hell, including the title track, a cover of which you might remember from the first Guitar Hero. Three of the four also come with 2x Bass Pedal versions, for your ankle-shattering pleasure! (Note: Sick of “2x Bass Pedal” showing up after all of your metal songs? It’s easy to change the title of any custom song! Visit our forums to learn more about CON modification.) Additional credits: guitar, bass and drums for Cemetery Gates are based on a chart by blitzbob, guitar for Cowboys from Hell by puppetz.

The name of the game for our next song is a familiar one: ABBA! My, my, how could official DLC have forgotten you? C3 contributor with a great RBN background RyanHYK took a chance on authoring “Money, Money, Money”; there must have been something in the air that night. Let the sounds of Swedish pop flow over you and feel the beat of the tambourine. Also, uh…Chiquitita.

C3 author Nyxyxylyth continues to fill another hole in official DLC with our second Electric Light Orchestra song, “Don’t Bring Me Down”. This is another one that you’ve definitely heard before, even if you’re not sure of it by the title, and it’s got something for everyone in the band, including Pro Keys and memorable harmonies. If you’re looking for more ELO, they just re-released their new 2012 album last month with some extra bonus tracks.

LyokoFreaks comes back this week with another Japanese track — “Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai” is formally by the fictional band Ho-kago Tea Time from the anime/manga K-On!, and was recorded in real life by the characters’ voice actresses. A direct translation is “Can’t Stop My Strawberry Parfait”, and if you’re hungering to keep up with quick-scrolling lines of Romaji on vocals, you’re in luck!

Check below the fold for download links. See you next Friday!

New! Pantera Cowboys from Hell 4-pack (farottone)

(2x Bass Pedal version)

(2x Bass Pedal version)

(2x Bass Pedal version)

New! ABBA – “Money, Money, Money” (RyanHYK)

New! Electric Light Orchestra – “Don’t Bring Me Down” (Nyxyxylyth)

New! Ha-kago Tea Time – “Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai” (LyokoFreaks)


12 comments on “May 17, 2013 – Pantera 4-pack, ELO, Ho-kago Tea Time, and ABBA!

  1. Wow, Don’t bring me down, Cowboys from Hell, Cemetery Gates and ABBA! Best week since Rapture! Thanks, guys!

  2. Very nass tracks, guys!
    I’m kind of torn on using this version of Cowboys from Hell or the live version from the Smash Hits customs, though.

  3. Of course my two favorite Pantera tracks and one of my favorite ELO tracks would come out on the week that my Rock Band 3 disc dies. Still, whenever I get a hold of a new EA-branded disc, I can’t wait to play these!

      • It doesn’t matter when & what, I love everything that’s bee released so far & I’m happy to have the chance to play it.

        We have frighteningly similar taste in music. If the primer/guide-to-authoring ever comes out & gets me started, I have a feeling that you’re gonna like some of the songs that I’d like to try my hand at.

  4. Holy crap! Cowboys From Hell and Cemetery Gates! I am so getting an Xbox now that official dlc crapped out. I wish I would of gotten a 360 from the start.

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