The Twelve Days of Customs, Day Two

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Day 2’s song is from AddyMilldike, a member of C3 since September 2013!


Alright, here we are at the 2nd day of revealing our 12 song megapack. And today’s song would be mine. I chose Hey Baby with the thought that everyone should have some party songs in their library. I host Rock Band parties from time to time, and while rock, metal, prog, etc. is all great, sometimes we’d like to wind down with some recent Top 40 hits. Which is how Hey Baby came to be. It has always been a sort of guilty pleasure of mine, and I thought it would fit pretty well with Rock Band 3 due to the song’s excessive harmonies.

As for my history with Rock Band, it goes all the way back to Guitar Hero 2. I, like many other people, joined ScoreHero to attempt to make customs. Needless to say, back then I wasn’t very good, since I had no knowledge of what a tempo map was even. But I wanted to learn how to do this, so after a long time I eventually was able to join ThatAuthoringGroup for the Rock Band Network. While I was over there I actually learned a lot to become the author I am now (including tempo mapping! :P). In my time over there, I would have to say my greatest achievement was Farewell, Mona Lisa on drums. Dillinger Escape Plan was by no means easy to author to.

Anyway, I hope when the pack gets released you will enjoy this song. I feel it is a nice contrast to the other songs coming up.

(Remember, this is just a reveal; all of the songs will be released together on December 25. Check back tomorrow for another awesome song!)


2 comments on “The Twelve Days of Customs, Day Two

  1. I decide to take this back to old school Rock Band Forums:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s welcome Pitbull to the Rock Band platform!

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