September 12, 2014 – Five legends without their bands!

Note: Videos may contain authoring issues that have been fixed, and are for preview purposes only. Video recording courtesy of Lowlander.

C3 releases for September 12, 2014:

New! The (Not) Pack C01 (farottone)

  • Brian May – “Resurrection” (not Queen)
  • Mike + The Mechanics – “Over My Shoulder” (not Genesis)
  • Paul McCartney – “Another Day” (not The Beatles or Wings)
  • Peter Gabriel – “Steam” (not Genesis)
  • Phil Collins – “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” (not Genesis)

A red X denotes Pro Guitar/Pro Bass charts, a blue M denotes full multitracks, a blue K denotes a “karaoke” multitrack (separated vocals), and a rusty 2x denotes that a 2x Bass Pedal version is also available. [FtV] denotes a song previously released as a non-C3 custom.

A band isn’t just a band, but a collection of (usually) talented musicians in their own right. Genesis, Queen, and The Beatles are all chock-full of them, and we’ve picked out five of our favorites. This week we celebrate these five guys with burgers! Wait, no, with Rock Band songs, sorry.

Comments from farottone about this week’s songs:

  • “Resurrection” – “High octane, classic hard rock tune with the late Cozy Powell on drums and some finger bending solos. Breathe deep before you play this one!”
  • “Over My Shoulder” – “Very catchy solo excursion for Genesis’ bass and guitar player Mike Rutherford. Cool to sing (Paul Carrick on vocals), this one offers some challenge to the drummers due to its unrelenting beat.”
  • “Another Day” – “The first single of McCartney’s solo career features is a fun (though sad by theme) on all instruments track reminiscent of The Beatles.”
  • “Steam” – “Funky track with a cool bass chart, challenging drums and solid guitar work.”
  • “Against All Odds” – “A guitar-less track that people who grew up in the 80s will recognize instantly. Great piano, simple bass and drums, vocals to sing out very loud!”

Fixes uploaded in the last week to previous C3 releases:

  • Anamanaguchi – “Another Winter”: Minor fix to Expert Pro Keys

See you next Friday!

New! The (Not) Pack C01

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