The Twelve Days of Customs 2014, Day Nine


Day nine’s songs are from Arcanon and GreenPanda12!

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Arcanon writes:

What up C3? My name’s Arcanon, and I’m one of C3’s newer authors. Though, I’m not quite new to authoring.

Some of you may know me as the owner and lead author of the RBN authoring group Chart Toppers Authoring. If you don’t…we released Shylo Elliott, Rainbowdragoneyes, Eurobeat Brony, one of the Paul and Storm songs, SNMT, and brentalfloss, just to name a few. Now you know me.

Going from the Chart Toppers start date, I’ve been authoring songs for over 4 years. Prior to that, I made a few guitar customs on Feedback that I may or may not go back to and make into full-band C3 releases.

Anyways. I joined C3 right after Harmonix announced the end of RBN. I’d been holding on to hope that the system would come back up so I could release my stash of unreleased songs I was going to bring to the Network. Unfortunately, things didn’t end up that way. Fortunately for you, a lot of my artists (with more saying yes every so often) have agreed to let me make customs of their songs, and some other independent RBN artists (not necessarily CTA ones) have been giving me unreleased material to recover. So, though I may be new here and only have four songs to my name in the C3 database, I have MUCH more planned for you guys, including an EP from an awesome new band that I’m hoping to time the C3 release with its actual release date. So yeah. That’ll be cool.

Some non-customs related facts about me for those who care: I’ve been drumming for about 3-ish years now, got into it via Rock Band. I’m always up for collaborations with other musicians; I’m currently doing background vocals and drum consulting work on a friend’s album, which may make its way to C3, and I’m working on some music with a couple other friends, which may also come to C3. (So much for non-customs related facts, eh?) I also enjoy other video games, with Smash Bros. and Tomodachi Life eating most of my time right now. I love going to the shooting range; I own 3 handguns, two of them Rugers, all of them 9s, and I love going to the shooting range and annihilating paper zombies. My day job is doing contracts for a healthcare company…I like to think that my contracting experience from CTA helped me get this job.

Back to customs! Aside from recovering RBN songs, I’ve become interested in doing customs of other songs I’d like to see in the game. Particularly GH conversions that haven’t been released through C3 yet of songs I’d like to play. Particularly songs from my favorite bands. Like Disturbed, my all time favorite band. You probably know where this is going now.

Disturbed has released a ton of stuff on Rock Band. I would have loved to see more, and at one point I tweeted David Draiman to gauge interest in a possible RBN release. He was all for it, but…major label band. Yeah. I never got anywhere with it. Hell, I may have even done it for free if they’d let me, that’s how bad I wanted more Disturbed in-game. So, what better way to contribute to this holiday event than to take the only GH Disturbed song that never made it to Rock Band, “The Infection,” and make it a full-on custom? I’m very proud to share this gift to you all. Though I’m obviously biased on the song, I can assure you it’s quite fun on all instruments.

I’ll close up here by thanking C3 for taking in this lost author and his trove of unreleased songs and giving them a home. Thanks to the guys here, I’ve been able to connect with more Rock Band fans, and the songs I’ve worked hard on over the past few years have a chance to be played by the public again. I’ve also now immersed myself in the customs scene and have enjoyed playing a lot of the offerings here. I hope you all enjoy “The Infection” and all my other releases as much as I’ve enjoyed the stuff this community had to offer. I’ve got some good stuff coming for you. Thanks also go to Harmonix for creating such an amazing game, and to each and every one of you reading this for keeping this wonderful game alive.

If you wanna reach out to me for any reason, my Twitter handle is @Arcanon, or just shoot me a PM.

And GreenPanda12 writes:

Hey guys, my name is GreenPanda12 and I’m an author for C3. I started out making customs in April this year after finding out about C3 and their customs. I’ve always wanted to be able to produce customs and strive to be the best author I can be to give back to the community. Some of you guys may know me from the Rock Band team Elite Rhythm Gaming (ERG), I’m mainly a drummer for the team but have had my fair share on all the other instruments. But without further ado, I present to you my custom “5 Colours in Her Hair”;

Now for me, this song is of special importance. I used to have this friend in the UK where I was raised (I’m currently residing in Australia), we were massive fans of this band when they first came onto the scene. We would always hang out together and listen to music, but whenever this song came on, we would quite literally stop what we were doing and dance and sing our hearts out. It’s probably one of my favourite memories I have from living in the UK.

But enough about me, about the song. This album was released 10 years ago back in July so this release is quite fitting to bring McFly into Rock Band. The album debuted to No.1 in the UK, breaking the world record for the youngest band to achieve a No.1 album, the title previously held by The Beatles. It was certified 2x Platinum status and as of this year has sold 2 million copies worldwide. That’s pretty awesome for an album they released 10 years ago. This song has a killer guitar riff that will have you humming it for days, amazing harmonies and nothing better than Surf Rock nostalgia.

So to close this off, I just want to say a huge massive thank you to the guys and gals at C3 for letting me be a part of their collective. Although we may have had some moments, you’ve always tried to make me a better author and for that I thank you. I also want to thank my two best Rock Band buddies who have been my moral support throughout this crazy journey of authoring, MillionMiAway and SilverSurfer993. And last but not least, you guys. The players. Without you guys this game would not be what I know it as today, your constant feedback on songs any of our authors release mean the world to us and make us work that much harder to provide more. So once again, thank you.

Thank you for reading and now, enjoy the custom!

(Remember, this is just a reveal; all of the songs will be released together on December 25. Check back tomorrow for another awesome song!)


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