The End of Days approaches!


It’s often hard to tell an ending from a beginning.

Back in 2013, Harmonix announced that April 2 would be the end. Their tradition of weekly DLC, which had lasted for almost five and a half years, was done. “American Pie” was a fitting gravestone, and Harmonix got to focus on other projects. But many of us had devotedly followed these releases, junkies suddenly deprived of their high. And of those devotees, some of us knew how to make custom songs work, and some of us knew how to author those songs, and a cool idea was born. “One more pack,” we said. We planned out the Rapture, originally a one-and-done pack of community customs. And more than two years after that one-time release, here we are, with well over a thousand new songs for you — the other devotees, just like us — to play.

Now, Harmonix has another big day on the horizon. We’ve kept the candle burning, but Rock Band 4 hits shelves on October 6, and that beginning is also an ending. C3’s final release will be October 2, 2015.

It’s been a wild ride, and all of us on the C3 admin and author teams will have plenty to say about it. Luckily for you, it’s still five weeks and change away, and C3 never lets a big milestone pass unrecognized. Our final weeks are no exception. Please look forward to The End of Days, a four-week farewell salute to our players and Rock Band 3!

The End of Days

  • Week 1 (September 11): I Can’t Believe It’s Not Guitar Hero C02
    A big batch of GH ports! 10+ multitrack hits from the GH series.
  • Week 2 (September 18): C3’s All-Star Farewell
    One song each from every C3 author we could scrounge up, which also means 10 or more tracks.
  • Week 3 (September 25): ???
    Wait and see! Are you ready for more than 20 new songs? (OK, good, because that’s how many there are.)
  • Week 4 (October 2): The End
    What songs? How many songs? It’s a secret to everybody.

Astute observers will notice that there’s still two weeks before The End of Days gets started. They’re not officially part of the event, but they are crazy good releases regardless.

Weekly releases might be ending, but the C3 community isn’t going anywhere, and our forums will stay open indefinitely. We’d also like to make it easier for people to find and share their own non-C3 customs, and we have some stuff cooking in that area that might be ready before October. (As a reminder, C3 will never allow customs of any official, purchasable Rock Band song, including Rock Band 4 tracks. Especially those.)

We’ll have more posts from me, the other admins, and our authors as we draw closer to the end of all things. For now, though, just kick back. We’ll see you, as usual, on Friday.


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11 comments on “The End of Days approaches!

  1. Thanks for all the hard work! This site inspired me to finally start making my own customs after putting it off for years.

  2. I am a download whore. As soon as I got back into playing Rock Band 3 on my Xbox360 after playing on PS3 for 2 years in bars and then moving into a place that did not have the space for me to play at all on either system, I finally busted out my guitars and drums and realized “holy shit I can play customs now!” So I immediately went to the site and downloaded every…single…song… Thanks to you guys, I never would have heard of Nightmare Lyre, The L-Train, Within Temptation, and countless others. Rock Band is the only way I listen to new music…I don’t like listening to radio, even Pandora. Part of me is kinda glad your releases are ending because if you guys kept going, that would mean I would have to continue downloading and figure out which songs to keep and which to delete since I’m already at 2800 or so…and I STILL haven’t even downloaded all the official releases (a goal of mine because, like I said, I am a download whore). Hopefully this is just an end to weekly releases and will just be infrequent now. I still intend to keep my RB3 hooked up thanks to y’all. Cheers.

  3. This sucks, but is completely understandable. You don’t want to make content anymore for free when the people who made the game in the first place are bringing it back. It makes total sense. You guys have been awesome over the years, and have released many tracks that my friends and I have enjoyed playing together. There have been weeks (like last week) where you release music that I absolutely love, and there were weeks where I said “WHY DID THEY WASTE TIME RELEASING THAT!?!?!?!” (any MLP song and the Genesis: Rock Band (No Zeppelin or Floyd Rock band, really?)), but I’ve always loved you guys for your high quality content (and recognize that everyone has their own musical taste, and I shouldn’t be upset if you someone authors something I’m not a fan of, because I should shut up and learn to author my own favorites).

    I’ll miss you guys, and I really hope some of the songs you guys have prepared are going to be awesome. Maybe the rest of Nirvana’s “In Utero”, some more Primus, White Stripes, “Coma” from Use Your Illusion I, maybe some more Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd (all of the wall or Dark Side would be the shit), or maybe a curve ball and have some early 90’s rap and hip-hop (“36 Chambers”, “Black Sunday”, “The Chronic”, “Straight Outta Compton”)

    Whatever you guys release, you’ve been doing a great service to the Rock Band community, and you have my eternal thanks.

  4. I appreciate all the hard work everyone here has put in. I wish I could create my own files, but it is complicated. This is why you all are so appreciated! What do you think about making a detailed how to video? I will not be getting the new Rock Band, simply because I would have to purchase a new console. The only thing I play on my Xbox 360 is Rock Band. I can’t justify buying a new console and new songs. So this is a plea of help! Don’t stop now. Thanks Again to all of you!

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