About CCC

The Customs Creators Collective is a group of passionate RB fans dedicated to making your Rock Band 3 experience the best it can possibly be by bringing you new content on a frequent basis.

We author high quality custom charts with all of the bells and whistles — including all instruments and all difficulties — with songs from many artists otherwise not available in RB3.

We bring content from other rhythm games into RB3 and add features. We also upgrade existing HMX and RBN releases with harmony, keyboard, pro drum support, pro guitar, and pro bass.

We help you improve your own RB3 experience by providing you with the tools and resources necessary to introduce your own custom content to the game — and, hopefully, to the rest of the community. Written guides, video tutorials, and packaging utilities are all assets we hope to introduce into the Rock Band community to keep the music coming and keep your Rock Band parties thriving.

Stay tuned to this space for news and developments, including new content on a weekly basis.

If you are a custom author dedicated to delivering high quality work and would like to get involved with this project, please let us know!

15 comments on “About CCC

  1. This is amazing I love Rock Band. I would love to see some HEDLEY if at all possible. I have tried myself but am not familiar with how to. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks again! Will sub to the youtube channel, looking forward to a tutorial if anyone ever gets a chance. Just to see how complex this is. Tried out Time, Do Ya and The Messenger which are all spot on for x vox.

  3. Can you please make some stuff by Crush 40?
    Open Your Heart, Knight of the Wind, Live Life, Live and Learn and What I’m Made Of are good choices

  4. you guy’s rock…………I play 4 days…can you guy’s put some skillet on he like all…….ty so much.

  5. Where is the donate link. Everything I’ve tried has been great! I’d like to request Any and plenty of new country. I appreciate everything and all that has already been done for the fans. Thank you all!

  6. Just wanted to show some love because C3 is doing some awesome work. It’s especially awesome since Harmonix has stopped releasing DLC.

    Keep it up and I can’t wait to see what else C3 has in store.

  7. This is cool. question though. When you download the song what file is that. It doesn’t let me open the song with say real player or anything. Is it strictly for game play.

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