Bringing songs into RB3 makes me happy. I’ve authored 42 vocal tracks for RBN, and polished countless more through playtesting.

If you’re willing to commit the time to learn to author customs, I’ll be glad to help.

If you like these songs, let me know!

8 comments on “Nyxyxylyth

  1. Just wanted to tell each and everyone of you, thank you! The effort and patience required are admirable. It is one thing to enhance your own experience, however, to share with the community at no gain to yourself, well.. that’s real life karma! Thanks again!

  2. this IS awesome! THANK YOU! (and yes, it will be copied and pasted to each of you, cause i’m lazy) I new about customs since PS2, but this is the first time i’ve seen it made so simple and polished. just being able to play all the tracks i’ve paid for over the years on one game is just a no-brainer. TY again.

  3. Played Time, on several instruments. Thank you so much for this. Frickin fantastic! Should more Pink Floyd flow from your charting fingers, we will be happy happy happy!

  4. If I uploaded a multitrack mogg file for “Time”, by Pink Floyd, would it be much work for you to modify your (already awesome) existing custom so that we can make it perfect?

  5. So, i’m confused about why after i’m done downloading these songs & starting up party buffalo, some of the songs have the icon of internet explorer (and cannot be played on RB3. is there something else that i need to do in order for them to work properly? my email address is beatfreaks2009@hotmail.com.

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