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We are committed to bringing quality customs to the rhythm gaming scene and we are always looking to expand our collective. If you want to create customs or if you are already creating them and want a bigger audience, join us and we will work together to bring more and more songs to the avid rhtyhm games players. If you only author some instruments, we may help complete your customs for a full band experience. And if you’re already releasing complete customs, we can pool our resources to keep the rhythm game scene alive and kickin’!

Before you get in touch with us though there’s one thing we have to ask of you: commitment. We want you to be in for the long run as much as we are, so please make sure that you really are committed to this because making customs is not an easy or quick process and we want to have a big collective of people who really want to do this.

So, committed? Drop us a line then!

18 comments on “Join the collective!

  1. I don’t intend to be a regular because I’m too busy with official authoring, but I did a custom of “Terminal Heaven’s Rock” by the pillows, which I can share if anyone is interested.

    Here is the preview video

    • Very interested in The Pillows. In fact some one should start “The Rock Band: Japan Revival Project”. Just throwing that out there.

  2. Once again Im new to xbox am Diehard PS3 owner of a lonely Guitar so I have now made the move to Xbox and in process of setting it up just for RB3 I have been a RB since way before the release of RB My first game was in like 95 Garage Band with Aerosmith for window 3.1 Still have the Disk was a great game for the time… William Reid

  3. I’m very interested in joining, i have a bunch of songs I’ve done that could use your group’s pro touch. I tried to send an email through your link the other day but I’m not certain it worked. I’m looking to add to the collective any way I can, please let me know. I can chart expert drums, and expert anything else to a modest degree, depends on the song.

    • There’s no such thing as “RB3 Creator” – if you mean “RB3 Maker”, then 99% chances are you don’t need it either. The songs in that format are most likely in CON format already in our forums, and anything in RBA format can be converted using C3 CON Tools. If you are still sure you need it, then search our forums. I’m fairly certain the creator (C3 Admin Nyxyxylyth) has already posted a link to it that works in the C3 forums.

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