The Twelve Days of Customs, Day Three

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Day 3’s song is from DVDSmith, whose previous releases include “Live & Learn”, a song from the Sonic Adventure 2 OST, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, and “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”!


Hello customs fans! My name is DVDSmith and I am the C3 authors’ resident Scotsman and resident Bon Jovi/Sonic fan. I’ve been playing video games since 1993, when I was given a Mega Drive with Sonic the Hedgehog for my fifth birthday. Twenty years later, I still have the Mega Drive, along with many many other consoles and games, and my obsession with the Blue Blur is as great as ever.

Ever since I was shown Guitar Hero II at a party back in 2006, I’ve been hooked on rhythm games. As someone who was fast becoming a huuuge fan of classic rock music (and who’d just been to their first ever rock concert that year – Bon Jovi at Hampden Park in Glasgow), it seemed like the greatest game ever, and the perfect merger of my two favourite things in life. Then Rock Band came along and I fell in love with the drums and it soon became my favourite instrument, although I still dabble in the rest from time to time.

Customs-wise, my first customs were for Guitar Hero II on PS2 back in 2008 (they’re still on Youtube if you want a laugh), but when full-band games came along I fell out of the customs game, just happily enjoying the weekly DLC and working my way through university. Now with DLC (and university) over, I’m back in the game. My first two customs were both Sonic the Hedgehog tracks for the Blue Blur’s 22nd anniversary, and then I collaborated with ws54 on August’s Shinedown 4-pack. I was also, perhaps unsurprisingly, the one who pitched the idea for (and contributed two tracks to) last month’s Music of Scotland pack. I hold regular Rock Band parties and C3’s customs have gone down a storm with my friends, with America Fuck Yeah, 500 Miles and Sweet Child o Mine being major singalong fodder. :D

So what can you expect from me? Well, my 12 Days custom is hopefully a sign of things to come. Bon Jovi are far and away my favourite band, and while I am grateful that Harmonix gave us 12 of their songs as RB3 DLC, there are so many more songs by them that I would love to see in Rock Band. And to start things off, here’s what was probably the biggest track missing from Harmonix’s 12-pack – “Always”, their best-selling single and a fan favourite. I hope you enjoy. And who knows, we might see some more Sonic the Hedgehog at some point too. Can’t get enough of that Crush 40. :)

So Merry Christmas, enjoy Always, and here’s to a happy and custom-heavy 2014!

(Remember, this is just a reveal; all of the songs will be released together on December 25. Check back tomorrow for another awesome song!)


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