March 14, 2014 – Daft Punk 6-pack and St. Patrick’s Day tracks!

Note: Videos may contain authoring issues that have been fixed, and are for preview purposes only. Video recording courtesy of Lowlander.

C3 releases for March 14, 2014:

New! St. Patrick’s Day 2014 3-pack

  • Ash – “Orpheus” (BearzUnlimited)
  • The Cranberries – “Zombie” (Ollie)
  • Therapy? – “Nowhere” (farottone) (incl. rhythm guitar version)

New!* Daft Punk C02 6-pack (Nightmare Lyra)

  • Daft Punk – “Aerodynamic” X
  • Daft Punk – “Around the World”
  • Daft Punk – “Da Funk / Daftendirekt (Live)”
  • Daft Punk – “Digital Love”
  • Daft Punk – “Face to Face”
  • Daft Punk – “Something About Us” (FtV) (+MiltoniusPrime)

A red X denotes Pro Guitar/Pro Bass, a blue M denotes full multitracks, and a blue K denotes a “karaoke” multitrack (separated vocals).

It’s week two of our C3 anniversary extravaganza! Next Monday (Mar 17) is St. Patrick’s Day, and this week’s 3-pack celebrates three Irish rock bands and C3’s history of recognizing holidays in general. Even if your friends’ interest in Rock Band is waning, holiday parties with holiday songs are a great way to get them engaged! In the past year, we’ve done a Valentine’s Day pack (and an Anti-Valentine’s pack), a New Year’s Eve dance party pack, two Christmas packs, three Halloween packs, a Fourth of July pack, and even a St. Andrew’s Day pack. Wow! Much holiday. Very celebrate. Amaze.

Today’s special bonus prize is a huge Daft Punk pack, which is itself another nod to the C3 legacy — Daft Punk C01, also by Nightmare Lyra, was released in December.

Week 1 (March 7): Great Covers C02
Week 2 (March 14): St. Patrick’s Day

Week 3 (March 21): ???
Week 4 (March 28): ???
Week 5 (April 4): ???
The 1-Year Anniversary Week (April 11): ???

Why should you download these songs?

  • “Orpheus” – This song (by Northern Irish band Ash) has fast, energetic drums and some fairly challenging guitar riffs. You may know it from the soundtrack of Burnout 3: Takedown.
  • “Zombie” – One of the most Irish-y famous rock songs of all time (even if it’s not actually about the IRA) shouldn’t require any persuasion. How did this song go this long without being in RB?
  • “Nowhere” – Hard rock? Yes. Awesome hard rock guitar riffs? Yes. More great ’90s in this pack? Another band from Northern Ireland? Aye, lad, you better believe it!
  • “Aerodynamic” – Plenty of tracks from Discovery, Daft Punk’s best album (I WILL FIGHT YOU ABOUT THIS), this week! This one is famous for its blistering guitar riff that lasts almost the entire song. Can you handle it on five buttons? How about on Pro Guitar, courtesy of AddyMilldike?
  • “Around the World” – , around the world. Around the world, around the world. Around the world, around the world. Around the world, around the world. Around the world, around the world.
  • “Da Funk / Daftendirekt (Live)” – From the now-famous Alive 2007 live album. If one Daft Punk song per song isn’t enough for you, how about at least two and half songs per song, counting all of the samples?
  • “Digital Love” – One of the happiest songs of all time, and the perfect score to use while saving your favorite blue-skinned band from a dimensional rift. Also one of the most “Rock-Band-y” songs of the pack, with actual verses and a really hard guitar solo and everything!
  • “Face to Face” – The third of our four Discovery tracks. Good on everything, but especially on vocals, where it rivals “Digital Love” for singability.
  • “Something About Us” – This down-tempo track, the only From the Vault release this week, closes out the pack. Compared to its pre-C3 release, this song now has OD, a custom venue, reductions, and other areas of general polish.

See you next Friday!

New! St. Patrick’s Day 2014 3-pack

Download rhythm guitar version

New! Daft Punk C02 6-pack

Additional authoring credits: Pro G/B by AddyMilldike

21 comments on “March 14, 2014 – Daft Punk 6-pack and St. Patrick’s Day tracks!


    Thank you. Been waiting for that one since Harmonix released Linger years ago.

  2. Harmonix should have released Zombie instead of Linger. It would have been perfect considering Linger came out the same week as two songs by The Zombies.

    (Don’t get me wrong, I really like Linger as well)

  3. I feel like the St. Patricks picks could’ve been better represented with bands that actually do capture the Irish/Celtic spirit. Dropkick Murphys, Great Big Sea, The Tossers, The Real McKenzies, Flogging Molly.

    “Zombie” is okay so I’ll get that. Maybe “Digital Love” too, the keys might be interesting on it.

    • The authors at C3 wanted to release songs that were by Irish bands for St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, none of the bands you mentioned were Irish or Celtic as they all come from either Canada or USA.

      • And yet the ones I’ve mentioned still sound more Irish then the ones they gave us. So I don’t buy your premise.

          • i think you’re missing the point. St. Patrick’s Day to this gentleman isn’t about Irish culture. It’s about what he thinks Irish music should sound like and the American/Canadian bands that cater to that taste. In other words, he might be the person who goes to a traditional restaurant in China and complain because it didn’t taste “Chinese” enough like the fast food take out he’s used to. How dare you authors not know that’s what St. Patrick’s Day was really all about?

            • Firstly, thank you for insulting me with such a flawed argument and putting words in my mouth. I never said anything about authenticity or traditional.

              Secondly. In what way do these 3 bands represent Irish culture other than being of Irish origin? These 3 bands have a basic/globalized rock sound with absolutely no resemblance to Celtic folk music with a tiny grain of sand exception to The Cranberries because of some of their lyrics and 1% of their sound resemble some form of Celtic music. How is it any different from say “hey on Cinco de Mayo, what band should better represent Mexican heritage than the aggrotech band Amduscia, because they’re from Mexico of course”.

              And that food comparison is silly and inaccurate, because the way I see it using your “China” example is like eating at a McDonalds in Shanghai, westernized food but thinking it has a higher relevancy because this McDonalds is in China. I’m very familiar with Celtic folk music, arguably the most out of anyone here, and while I acknowledge that Celtic punk music is a creation outside of Ireland, Celtic folk music is a major influence in its creation. It’s a homage to their ancestors. Again, it’s not traditional, but I still remain intent that it’s a better example. I could’ve suggested ACTUAL Irish folk groups if I wanted like Planxty, but I suggested Celtic punk bands because of their accessibility and more relatable nature to the game.

        • “The authors at C3 wanted to release songs that were by Irish bands for St. Patrick’s Day”
          “I don’t buy your premise”

          What’s to buy? We wanted Irish bands, those are Irish bands, that’s the extent of the premise. We never said we wanted “irish sounding bands” (as if Ireland had one sound…) so there’s not a lot to buy. We did what we wanted to do: release songs by irish bands.

          • Yes, I got the point already. What’s done is done. I needed to address the gentleman who was compelled to stomp all over my point of view.

    • It’s not like we purposely downmix all those awesome multitracks available for us to use. 😉 Stick around for a few weeks though, you may like what you see. 🙂

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